[Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project]
CVIN: a joint enterprise of affiliates of independent telephone companies in central and northern California.
CENIC: providing advanced networking and services to all of California's public research & education and many private and independent universities and other research institutions.
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[CVNGBIP Alliances: Business Services]

While there is a primary focus on connecting anchor institutions, this infrastructure is also designed to serve all the needs of the communities. The 18-county region encompasses 1,973 communities, most of which currently only have access to limited network speeds. The number of businesses that could be served by CVIN and other commercial last mile providers by interconnecting at strategically located aggregation points on this middle mile infrastructure is estimated at 161,570. This project is designed to facilitate access to cost-effective higher-speed broadband Internet capabilities not readily available today in this region of California. CVIN has begun to develop its own comprehensive marketing plan as well as engage other commercial providers in how they might use this infrastructure to better serve their business clientele.

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