[Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project]
CVIN: a joint enterprise of affiliates of independent telephone companies in central and northern California.
CENIC: providing advanced networking and services to all of California's public research & education and many private and independent universities and other research institutions.
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[CVNGBIP Alliances & Services: Target Anchor Institutions]
Public Safety Services:
To address public safety needs, CVIN/CENIC is working with the Northern Planning Area of California (NPAC) & the Central Planning Area of California (CPAC) groups, under California's Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (CalSIEC), to develop plans to interconnect the following sites in the CPAC 7-county region by fiber:

  • Fresno Op Area
  • Kern Op Area
  • Kings Op Area
  • Madera Op Area
  • Merced Op Area
  • Tulare Op Area
  • Mariposa Op Area

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