Target Government Agencies

The installed infrastructure will not only be made available to anchor institutions but county, local, state, and federal government agencies located in the 18 counties can make use of these resources and services too. Since there will be major aggregation points on this 1371-mile infrastructure located in each county seat, it will be easier for all county agencies to acquire services.

For instance, one county has plans to relocate its data center. It so happens their new location is adjacent to a planned aggregation point on this infrastructure, so a connection should be possible. In another instance, the county government and the County Office of Education share a central location to interconnect the wireless and fiber infrastructures. It is possible the CVIN/CENIC partnership could also share this location.

Over the next several months, the CVIN/CENIC partnership will be working with various government agencies to find ways for them to use this new infrastructure optimally.