[CVNGBIP Overview: Support Groups]

[ Office of the Governor ]

Governor Arnold Schwarznegger selected the CVNGBIP application as one of three Comprehensive Community Infrastructure (CCI) projects which the State "highly recommended" to the NTIA for Round Two of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

In his May 3 letter to NTIA Administrator Larry Strickling, Governor Schwarzenegger stated, "Our highly recommended projects are statewide or regional in nature, emphasize public-private partnerships and service to key anchor institutions, and otherwise meet the priority criteria established by the National Telecommunication and Information Administration in its Notice of Funding Availability for round two."

Congressman Dennis Cardoza (CA, 18th District) cited that parts of his district were experiencing unemployment in excess of 18% and a per capita income that is in the lowest 5% of the nation. He stated that this Project would facilitate economic development and is a pivotal part of what is required for the communities in the 18th District to move beyond the challenges they now face.

[ Congressman Cardoza, 18th District ]

Congressman Jim Costa (CA, 20th District) indicated that some parts of the 20th District are experiencing in excess of 30% unemployment. The current limitations to broadband access restrict the advancement of education, business and health care. Making this region more competitive both educationally and economically is one of his highest priorities.

[ Congressman Costa, 20th District ]

Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA, 11th District) also cited the high unemployment and the significant impact the economic downturn has had on the Central Valley. Expanding broadband will make this region more economically and educationally competitive, helping to create and retain high quality jobs.

[ Congressman McNerney, 11th District ]