[Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project]
CVIN: a joint enterprise of affiliates of independent telephone companies in central and northern California.
CENIC: providing advanced networking and services to all of California's public research & education and many private and independent universities and other research institutions.
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[Who We Are: Project Mission & Vision]

The recently released Federal Communications Commission (FCC) National Broadband Plan has set as a long-range goal for the United States achieving what has been described by the Harvard University Berkman Center as "next generation connectivity." According to the Berkman Center in a recent study commissioned by the FCC entitled Next Generation Connectivity: A review of broadband Internet transitions and policy around the world achieving "next generation connectivity" involves two overlapping foci:

  • Deploying high bandwidth capacity (best done with the nearly unlimited capacity of fiber), and
  • Providing users ubiquitous, seamless connectivity.

The Mission of the Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project is to promote the implementation of this robust network infrastructure, and through that, to dramatically change the ways citizens in these 18 counties learn, work and live together for the better.

The Vision of the Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project is to assist California in becoming the first state to achieve "next generation connectivity" capabilities and provide ubiquitous access for all citizens by contributing toward that goal with this project for the Central Valley of California.

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