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The Central Valley Independent Network (CVIN)
[CVIN Logo] Organized in 1995, CVIN LLC (Central Valley Independent Network) is a joint enterprise comprised of affiliates of several Independent Telephone Companies located in central and northern California offering a full line of SS7 Network Services to other telecommunications companies in the area. Born from the Independent Telephone Industry where quality of service has always been stressed, CVIN's services are state-of-the-art, its network reliable, its prices competitive, and its customer service beyond compare. CVIN's management team has over 250 person-years of experience in the telecom industry.

Each CVIN member company is an affiliate of a rural independent telephone company, including Sebastian, Ponderosa, Sierra, Calaveras, Volcano, Ducor, Cal-Ore, and Siskiyou. These telephone companies represent the best in providing exceptional telephone and technology services in each of their individual markets. Many of these telephone companies have been in service for more than 100 years. Their serving territories cover over 7,000 square miles and serve over 63,000 access lines. They also operate more than 1700 miles of fiber and have vast experience in providing broadband services. Besides its affiliated telephone companies, CVIN also serves other independent telephone companies as well as cellular providers. Combined, this gives CVIN the experience and knowledge our clients have come to expect.

CVIN offers a full line of state-of-the-art SS7 Network Services designed to help providers meet the demands of today's sophisticated users and to remain competitive industry leaders in an ever-changing marketplace. From Network Connectivity to provide seamless nationwide service to wireless roaming services to protect against roaming clone fraud, CVIN has the expertise to provide clients with exceptional service while helping them to implement the right state-of-the-art solution at the right time.

Other communication solutions CVIN specializes in include:

  • ISUP Trunk Signaling: Replace multi-frequency in-band signaling with ISUP out-of-band signaling and provide faster connect times. Increase voice trunk efficiency. Provide advanced features like Caller ID
  • 800 Database Access & Transport: Access to 800 database provides the necessary information for 800 call processing. Detailed billing so clients will always have a clear picture of their 800-service activity.
  • LIDB Access & Transport: Validate calling card, third number billed, and collect calls in fractions of a second. Reduced fraud and support of alternate billing options will enhance the client's confidence and loyalty.
  • TCAP/CLASS Messaging: With TCAP/CLASS Messaging clients can provide the full power of their advanced CLASS services. Provide CLASS services interaction on a LATA-wide basis.
  • Calling Name (CNAM) Service: In addition to Caller ID, the caller's name will be delivered to the client's customer's handset or Caller ID equipment.
  • Local Number Portability: Access to local LNP databases to query ported numbers.

Offering the best in telecom services and peripheral support technologies, CVIN and its affiliated telephone companies have leveraged themselves for positive growth over the next five years. CVIN's mission continues to focus on diversifying the organization's current portfolio with innovative new technologies as well as expanding the territories to which we provide service so that Central and Northern California communities and the businesses they support have the cutting-edge communication services at reasonable prices to help maintain and grow their businesses.

The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC)
[Picture of CalREN backbone] CENIC is a non-profit 501c3 corporation founded in August of 1997. There are five Charter Associates: California Community Colleges, California K-12 System, California State University System, Private Universities, and the University of California System. A board of directors, drawn from these Charter Associates, governs CENIC. CENIC leverages the buying power of these K-20 educational institutions in order to provide cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to serve the nearly 10 million faculty, students, and staff engaged in the work of these California research and education communities. CENIC's ability to provide such benefits is a result, in part, of the strategic vision of its founders. Their collective insights and expertise were able to forecast the growing dependency on fiber based networks and develop a viable approach to controlling future costs while ensuring the provision of state of the art networking services.

CENIC currently owns and operates CalREN, a network infrastructure consisting of over 2,900 miles of CENIC owned fiber extending from the Mexican border to Corning and San Diego into Arizona, plus over 300 managed circuits leased from commercial telecommunications carriers that connect institutions to the CalREN fiber-based infrastructure, depicted above.

In order to maintain its position as a world leader in networking services, CENIC is committed to the following goals:

  • Continuously improving a robust, cost-effective, state-of-the-art communications network, accessible to participating education and research institutions,
  • Working with member institutions to define a value chain of services, and developing innovative ways to deliver scalable solutions to members,
  • Leading efforts of participating institutions to provide end-to-end service quality and interoperability among member institutions, and promoting adoption across network boundaries,
  • Advancing the collective interests of the institutions by leveraging their diversity and relationships to accrue benefits to individual members,
  • Providing a competitive advantage in the global marketplace to the education and research communities,
  • Communicating the value of CENIC as California.s recognized provider of network services for education and research,
  • Providing opportunities for innovation in teaching, learning, and research through use of the network, and
  • Strengthening participation in the state, national, and international education and research networking communities.

CENIC is an organization nimble enough to respond to the rapid evolution of new technologies while limiting risk to its users. Its philosophy is to provide robust, cost-effective, state-of-the-art communication networks that will deliver scalable solutions to meet the diverse needs of its 10 million users. CENIC is recognized as a leader at the state, national and international levels for implementing innovative and sustainable broadband networking solutions.

CENIC joined forces with CVIN to submit a project proposal for NTIA funding to extend broadband capabilities to 18 counties in central California to better serve CENIC's current members and to serve other customers.